Moving to Oz/The Way will open



Today I’m leaving for Australia to help my boyfriend find a house for us there. It’s hard to believe that this plan I had discussed with so many people over the past year is coming to fruition. On Sunday I went to say goodbye, at least for the next two years, to my friends at the Quaker meeting, and one friend from whom I’m always learning new things about Quakers told me that it is a Quaker tradition to say “the Way will open.” It is also a custom to say “let it be known.” He explained that if you really want something to happen and you “let it be known,” many times “the Way will open.” I really liked the simplicity of these phrases (so many Quaker things resonate with me for this reason), and “the Way will open” has stuck with me over the past few days. I think about all that had to happen over the past year to get me to this point where I am now, sitting in an airport about to move into a house in Australia, and I can’t agree more with this statement. Yes, if you let it be known, the Way will open.


About Sambablogger

I am a scientist and writer based in Australia. Outside of my research I spend a lot of time cooking, dancing, working out, and reading. Also I really enjoy sitting with my fiance at a pub on a sunny day with a cold beer fresh from the tap. I'm an ambitious person. I love learning new skills and taking in all life has to offer, but I'm also trying to learn to observe better. This blog is mostly a product of that process.

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