Autumn warmth

Something about a drizzly day in Heidelberg and this dish just go together beautifully. It’s been a wet autumn for this region, which has put a damper on normal cheerful autumn activities like sitting in Biergartens wearing light jackets drinking in the company of friends under crisp yellow, orange, and red canopies. This is what I’ve been told autumn here is normally like, and it’s what I had pictured before coming to Germany. Walking in the rain is not always so idyllic, but it does make the cobblestones glisten, the stone cathedral reverberating in chorus all the more inviting, the cafés all the cozier, and Nürnberger Rostbratwürste (pictured above) so deeply satisfying. It was the only thing I ate so far today, and out of reverence I almost don’t want to eat anything else. Not pictured here (because the image would be too strong for some viewers) are the mashed potatoes that also formed the bed for these juicy, sizzling sausages. The rain may come as a disappointment for many Heidelbergers, but for me it’s only served to heighten my senses.


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