The sensuous breakfast

There are so many sensations to describe Marburg: the bursts of savory aromas arising from the döner kebab joints, the comforting weight of a Jägersnitzel on one’s ribs after dinner, the hot blood pumping right under frigid skin as one walks home up the hill on a nippy late night. But recently I’ve discovered a sensation that must be shared with the world. No one should be deprived of this. It consists of a few thick slices of brie melted and topped with slices of un-peeled nectarine. Melt the sliced brie (usually 3-4 thick slices) in the microwave and then arrange the sliced nectarine on top. Eat on a cold morning for breakfast, preferably while wrapped in a blanket and lying sideways in an oversized armchair with both feet dangling off the arm while watching the sun come up. (But the crumb-fraught tables in the dorm kitchen will also do if you have a good imagination). Brie is really cheap in Marburg and usually tastes great. It melts so wonderfully, but even more beautiful, the white wrapping on the outside remains firm so you still have to do some work with your fork. Nectarines are best when crisp and in season as they are now. The outsides are fuzzy and firm, making for a sensational bite, and the flesh is tangy, juicy and just a bit sweet. Make sure to wrap each slice of nectarine with gooey brie, twirling it around your fork. Towards the end of your meal, use the nectarine skin to release the last bits of brie, which have already cooled, from the plate. You will walk away from such a breakfast with a gleeful freshness still on your tongue and a warm richness in your chest. Also, the brie will coat your lips and make them silky smooth. I can’t think of a more pleasureful way to start one’s day.


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