Every journey must start somewhere. I found myself wide awake at 6 a.m. on a Saturday with a million ideas racing through my head. I tried to force myself back to sleep by beating my brain with the paddle “you NEED sleep,” “you NEED more sleep!” But it was useless. My brain was already on […]

It’s over

It’s been two months since I successfully defended my Ph.D. I’ve been nagging myself to write some really insightful post giving meaning to my experience and encouraging others to pursue their dreams. I don’t know, something appreciative and pleasant that would tie together the last three and a half years. That way those heroes in […]

Girls will be girls

Tonight at the bus station I watched two little girls doing their secret handshake. They were chanting a synchronous “B – F – F, best friends forever!” laughing wildly and smiling at each other with the sort of trust and glee that only little 9-year-old girls have. Their mothers, both young Middle Eastern women wearing […]